Why Independence Public Adjusters, Inc?

When my rental home in Cloverdale, CA caught fire, the original offer to pay for the damages was $387,000. Thanks to you, we settled for $740,000. The insurance experts tried to low ball me, but you won the battle. Thanks for everything you did to get me the results we obtained

– Ray Tyrone


Most people believe that insurance companies make money because they take more in on premiums then they pay out on claims. This is a misconception as the average insurance company actually loses 2 cents on every dollar earned in premium. The way they make money is by investing the premiums dollars and holding off paying them as long as possible while the investment income grows. One of the first things your Adjuster has to do after his initial assessment of the claim is to set a reserve. In essence this is money he is requesting out of the investment pool to pay your claim, kind of like taking money out of savings and putting into a checking account. Hiring Independence Public Adjusters helps to assure you that your adjuster will set an adequate reserve to pay the right amount for your claim.


A good reason to hire us in the beginning of the claim is because we can guarantee that you will receive a higher initial offer. The statistics prove this point.

The data below is from a sampling of cases. This first table below shows clients that hired us from the very beginning. As you can see, they got great offers from the start because their case was handled correctly from the very beginning, saving them time and providing for a smooth process. And even in those cases, we were still able to find errors with the original offers from their insurance company and help them get better offers for the damage.

IPA Client Original Offer Final Settlement New Money {d5b23128aecce300cdcaa2451740d7a4bce2573909922cfcf6d0e893c50f3cf4} Increase
Kenny Chan $150,000 $170,000 $20,000 13{d5b23128aecce300cdcaa2451740d7a4bce2573909922cfcf6d0e893c50f3cf4}
SK Investments $261,000 $310,000 $49,000 19{d5b23128aecce300cdcaa2451740d7a4bce2573909922cfcf6d0e893c50f3cf4}
Farmers tdvestock $180,000 $235,000 $55,000 31{d5b23128aecce300cdcaa2451740d7a4bce2573909922cfcf6d0e893c50f3cf4}
James Yates $175,000 $195,000 $20,000 11{d5b23128aecce300cdcaa2451740d7a4bce2573909922cfcf6d0e893c50f3cf4}
Susan Ahlgren $135,654 $183,872 $48,218 36{d5b23128aecce300cdcaa2451740d7a4bce2573909922cfcf6d0e893c50f3cf4}
Jose Elias $136,200 Contents $167,304 $31,104 23{d5b23128aecce300cdcaa2451740d7a4bce2573909922cfcf6d0e893c50f3cf4}

This second table shows clients that hired us after the insurance company made them an offer. You can clearly see that in many cases we were able to double or triple the original offer.

IPA Client Original Offer Final Settlement New Money Increase
So. Christian $75,000 $320,000 $245,000 327
Prime Mechanical $27,000 $111,000 $83,000 311
Genebel II $40,000 $105,000 $65,000 163
Tanya Hommand $12,000 $35,000 $23,000 192
Dave Kravis $25,000 $213,000 $188,000 752
Richard Munoz $29,000 $90,000 $61,000 210
Maria Lopez Denied $330,000 $330,000 100
Jeff Simpson $57,263 Contents $125,085 $67,822 118

Hiring IPA in the beginning of your claim allows us to set the stage for a smooth claim process and it ensures a maximum recovery in the shortest amount of time. Although statistics show a higher percentage recovery increase for our Clients who waited to hire us after the initial offer, the risk is that IPA may not be able to undo the problems set in place prior to our involvement, plus it takes much longer to settle the claim.

If Your Property Has Been Damaged By Fire, Wind Or Water… Do not deal with the insurance company by yourself and do not settle for the payment you are offered. You need to have a claims adjuster that represents your interests so you can get the payment you deserve from your insurance company.

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