During the aftermath from the North Bay Wildfires we have gone to work for many interesting clients. In particular is Susan Moore a “dynamo” and a survivor in the face of a very dangerous situation. “Awakened by the wind and inferno, she stepped onto her veranda to see flames 40 feet tall and bearing down.” Susan grabbed a flashlight and ran into the darkness. With no sign of the neighbors, Susan saw lights in the street and waved here flashlight franticly at what was a fire pickup. The driver reacted, pulling up to her. “Get in! Get in!” he called. Susan got in to find that her gown was on fire. The firefighter told her he couldn’t see the roadway through the smoke, and directed her to watch out her window for the curb. They made it to the Veterans Memorial Building, where the firefighter let her off. Susan is an incredible woman and someone I now call a “friend.”

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