During the aftermath from the North Bay Wildfires we have gone to work for many interesting clients. In particular is Susan Moore a “dynamo” and a survivor in the face of a very dangerous situation. “Awakened by the wind and inferno, she stepped onto her veranda to see flames 40 feet tall and bearing down.” Susan grabbed a flashlight and ran into the darkness. With no sign of the neighbors, Susan saw lights in the street and waved here flashlight franticly at what was a fire pickup. The driver reacted, pulling up to her. “Get in! Get in!” he called. Susan got in to find that her gown was on fire. The firefighter told her he couldn’t see the roadway through the smoke, and directed her to watch out her window for the curb. They made it to the Veterans Memorial Building, where the firefighter let her off. Susan is an incredible woman and someone I now call a “friend.”

I would like to congratulate our newest public adjuster Marcus Collins. Marcus is the previous owner of Fire Recovery Services based in Rancho Cordova. As a public adjuster Mr. Collins will be working with our north bay wildfire victim’s providing his expertise in contents inventory and recreation. We are happy to welcome Marcus to the team.

Highway 121 Is Littered With Hundreds of Homes Burned

Highway 121 is littered with hundreds of homes burned to the ground from the north bay wildfires. This moonscape is hard to describe to my friends and family who have never seen such devastation, but it is a constant reminder to me of how grateful I am to have not suffered such mayhem. As today is the day before Thanksgiving, I give thanks to the many blessing given to me and I hope and pray for those living this nightmare a fast recovery.

Questions to Ask and things you Should Know Before Hiring a Public Adjuster

Question 1 Before Hiring

Be sure you are hiring a licensed public adjuster. Ask to see their individual public adjusters license for your state.(Some public adjusters work under the license of another individual or firm, rather than becoming qualified and credentialed individually.)

Question 2 Before Hiring

Are you interviewing the individual(s) who will actually be adjusting the loss? Or is the person simply a sales rep, who will hand off your claim?

Question 3 Before Hiring

Is the company signing up too large a volume of business to give you the best level of care and attention? Your claim will be delayed if your public adjuster is handling too many claims.

Question 4 Before Hiring

What skills, credentials and experience do they bring to the table? How many years have they been licensed as a public adjuster, and how long have they been practicing in your state?

Question 5 Before Hiring

Ask the public adjuster you are interviewing to give you a list of references for claims he or she has personally handled in the past 3 years. (Some adjusters move around among companies and have short-lived associations with the firm they currently represent.)

Question 6 Before Hiring

If the firm is located out of the area, how do they plan to service your claim? Make sure you are clear on what you can expect from them over the long haul.

Question 7 Before Hiring

Is the adjuster handling the claim the right personality fit for you? You must be confident and comfortable with their communications skills and level of personal commitment.

Question 8 Before Hiring

Before hiring a public adjuster, call and check at least three of their references. Did the client feel confident their public adjuster got the best possible result? Did their representative answer all their questions throughout the adjustment and rebuilding process? Was the public adjuster able to identify how much-added value they brought to the final settlement figures? Did the public adjuster assist with the additional living expense and fair rental value portion of their claim? (Some Public Adjusters will waive their fee on this portion of the claim.)

Question 9 Before Hiring

Don’t be rushed into making a decision before you are ready to. You have time to make the right decision for you! Ask all the questions you need to ask so that you feel confident in your selection of Public Adjusters. They will be part of your insurance recovery process for as long as it takes to settle the claim and recover all the financial benefits you are entitled to under the terms and conditions of your policy and the laws in your state.

Question 10 Before Hiring

Most public adjusters work on a contingency fees basis that range from 5{d5b23128aecce300cdcaa2451740d7a4bce2573909922cfcf6d0e893c50f3cf4} to 15{d5b23128aecce300cdcaa2451740d7a4bce2573909922cfcf6d0e893c50f3cf4} of the monies the insurer pays on your claim. These fees are capped in some states and negotiable in all states. The fee you agree to pay a public adjuster should take into account the size and type of your loss and the status of your claim.