Who is IPA?

We are a team of public insurance adjusters located in Northern California, who advocate for residential and commercial policyholders, negotiating insurance claims. We make sure that your claim is settled quickly and fairly, and at no out-of pocket cost to you.

What we do?

Our public insurance claim adjusters complete and inspection and prepare an estimate based on covered damages. We navigate through your policy coverages and required deadlines, coordinate all inspections with contractors and insurance company adjusters, and attend mediation or appraisal if there is a dispute.

Why Us?

By putting our expertise to work for you, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing you are in the hands of a licensed, bonded, and insured professionals throughout your insurance claim.

If Your Property Has Been Damaged By Fire, Wind Or Water…

Do not deal with the insurance company by yourself and do not settle for the payment you are offered.

You need to have a claims adjuster that represents your interests so you can get the payment you deserve from your insurance company.

Watch the video below to understand why you need an Independent Public Adjuster.


We provide document proof that retaining the services of a public adjuster shortly after a loss will generate a settlement far greater that handling a claim without representation.

While insurance companies tend to dislike it when you hire a public adjuster (because they end up paying out 747{d5b23128aecce300cdcaa2451740d7a4bce2573909922cfcf6d0e893c50f3cf4} more), they cannot go up on your insurance premium because of that reason. If insurance premiums are raised, it’s usually when may claims are being filed in one small area and the entire region’s premiums will go up, not just yours.

While your insurance carrier can choose to non-renew your policy for ANY reason they see fit after your policy period is up, they cannot suddenly drop your coverage because you’ve decided to hire an advocate. Usually carriers only drop coverage if you stop paying your premiums or a loss is deemed negligent on your part.

Hiring a public adjuster will, in fact, will shorten the time it takes to settle a claim. Public adjusters are skilled at appropriately putting pressure on the insurance company and its representatives. Moreover, the only time an insurance company wants to settle a claim quickly is when it sees an opportunity to settle a claim for less that its full value.

FALSE: Public adjusters are licensed by the state through the Department of Insurance. They have passed a rigorous state exam and received one year of training before they are issued their license, and are bonded by state where they practice. Insurance Code – INS 15006. (a) No person shall engage in a business regulated by this chapter, or act or assume to act as, or represent himself or herself to, a licensee unless he or she is licensed under this chapter. 15007 ­­– A public insurance adjuster within the meaning of this chapter is a person who, for compensation, acts on behalf of or aids in any manner, an insured in negotiating for or effecting the settlement of a claim for loss or damage. An Insured, in the State of California, who witnesses or experiences an overly aggressive contractor trying to represent himself as a Public Adjuster (without a license) should immediately report the contractor to the DOI. http://www.insurance.ca.gov


Independence Public Adjusters, Inc., will provide the following services:

  • Review and prepare a complete coverage analysis of the benefits owed under the policy.
  • Comprehensive structural estimate.
  • Complete contents inventory.
  • Business interruption and extra expense calculation.
  • Relocation, rental furniture under Additional Living Expenses.
  • Negotiate all aspects of your claim to maximize your settlement.
  • Assistance with processing and paperwork associated with lenders and mortgage companies.


A public insurance adjuster is an expert in the claim adjustment process. You can retain one of these professionals to assist you in achieving the maximum settlement of your claim.


Many people do not understand the technical language of their insurance policy. Insurance company adjusters are employed by the insurance company and represent their interests and not necessarily those of the insured. On the other hand, an accredited public insurance adjuster works on your side to protect your interests.

Accredited public insurance adjusters are retained for the adjustment of claims due to fire, wind, water, vandalism and other perils. The public insurance adjuster serves commercial businesses, public and private institutions, professional firms, homeowners and the general public.

If a loss occurs, you should give immediate consideration to engaging the services of Independence Public Adjusters, Inc. (IPA).

Contact Independence Public Adjusters today. Call (888) 24/7-SUN5 (7865)

2500 Claims74%
2498 Claims settled72%
25,000,000 million out of 30,000,000 million in collected claims94%

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Statistically, you will get a higher settlement with a Public Adjuster on your side.

An excellent reason to hire us in the beginning of the claim is because we can guarantee that you will receive a higher initial offer. The statistics prove this point.

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